Sunday, 8 November 2015

But where does the poo go....?

As weird as it might sound, this is one of the main issues with world (and therefore city) building.

Authors don't explain where the poo goes. Or the food comes from.

It is easier and well, frankly, more pleasant, to talk about and describe the cyber implants, the shady deals, the corrupt cops. But New Hades has about 5 or 6 million people (at least!).

So where does all the poo go?

Cities take a stupid amount of logistics to get going and maintained. So I'm slowly building up the how New Hades Works, where and how the gears click-clack round and round.

Due to the technological advancements for space-borne vessels' life support, most of the cities' waste is easily put to use. What little water is unrecoverable is dumped into the rivers, the organic material is recycled. Most of it ends up feeding the MegaGen and Everleaf Group's algae-soya hybrid (AlgSoy) vats, feeding the population, although more affluent people can still afford meat and fish. 

So yep. I'm thinking where the poo goes.

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