Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Hadeans.

Again and again I keep coming back to Terry Pratchett. Something he wrote regarding his iconic city of Ankh-Morpork (from the Discworld series). He wrote (and I paraphrase): 'I didn't like those other fantasy cities in other books, they looked too much like a play - everything was static, mid air, until you opened the book and the action started. I wanted Ankh-Morpork to feel real, like it was running in the background, and you just happened to catch it at that particular time...'

That is what I want to do with New Hades (in my incompetent way). A city that will always be ticking away at the back, running, plotting, scheming, living. And, although the mercs that are the PC's and the NPC's will be the main characters, one cannot forget the fact this is all happening in the foreground of a living, bustling city of at least 8 to 10 million people.

So I mentioned the poo. I've mentioned the links to the rest of the world. I've mentioned the food (The AlgSoy plants). And now, the people.

Identities have changed dramatically over the last 50 years. Your country, or your city are not necessarily the strongest links they once were. That said, there is a measurable urban pride from your average Hadean, the City survived the War and thrived, and it is a place where you can get up to anything (only barred by law enforcement and the laws of physics and not even the former).

Who is the average Hadean? I imagine young looking - either actually young or with some cosmetic gene splicing - with at least a Level 1 cyber implant (like we today would have a smartphone), with some political concerns, but not overly so, and a follower of the Corps, (who everyone knows are evil, but hey, whatta you gonna do, right?) They will be fairly Matrix literate, and tolerant - when you see someone with scales and horns walking down the street, you may be frightened and even scream. When it turns out it's Mr. Wilson, who lives in 342B, helps the building's kids with maths and is a tenor in the local choir.... That makes you re-evaluate things.

And of course, as the story develops, more of them will be known....

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