Saturday, 7 November 2015


The year is 2088. We are in what was once Western Europe. The War of Sorrows washed over our Earth for almost 30 years. And shattered it. The shards are even now gluing themselves back together.

Countries no longer exist as main political players, although some geographical unions still wield some power (like AfriCap, The Chinese Empire and CenEuro, amongst others).

The main players are the MegaCorps. Some made weapons during the War. Some the soldiers. Some changed the soldiers. When the conflict was over, the countries were bankrupt, the Corps were rich.... And they had armies.

Flesh and metal are one. The invention of the NICE (Neural Interface Controller Enhanced) made prosthetic cybernetic limbs something you change or enhance on a whim.

Even more dramatic, the development of the DIVERS (Delivery Viral Genetic Substitution), allowed scientists to change, modify and enhance living things beyond the dreams of madmen. The first receivers of these enhancements were soldiers, but the technology was mainstream before the decade was out.

Space was explored to the full during the past half-century and now a ring of stations and habitats circles the Earth. Beyond our orbit, Selene City is now officially the Moon's capital, only slightly smaller in size than Port Armstrong and Shackleton Base. Beyond still, the first child has just been born on Mars.

Animals and plants have been remade. Humans can be changed at the touch of a button. Sex, size, abilities, all fluid and adaptable. It is all ours, the bodies, the beasts, the trees, the skies, the metals. All is ours to command and change. 

Most computers on Earth are now connected in the Grid. And you can see it. In the Matrix, when you Jack in. You can see the untold petabytes of information flowing each nanosecond.

At the centre of it all is New Hades. Few remember the name of the site prior to the War. It is now only known as Old Hades. Around it, a metropolis grew, and expanded. It is a place of contrasts, of MegaCorp deals and alley wars, of the gleaming spires of Downtown and the darkened tunnels beneath Rattown. Here, everything and everyone has a price. It is not a safe place. But it is still a beacon to all that want a fresh start and a chance to reinvent humanity. Or are in need of money.

In this world, you can travel anywhere on the planet in a few hours, and anywhere beyond in a couple of weeks.

But you're in New Hades. Why would you ever want to leave....?

ADDENDUM: So I've been told that I should describe the New Hades universe in a way that tells how it sets itself apart (as it is a merger of a number of different settings, Savage Worlds, yay!).

I'm aiming for simplicity. I don't want to spend ages micro managing every aspect of the Universe (although we could if we absolutely wanted it). There are reams and reams of tables and numbers on cyber implants and Matrix combat, I just consider it to be padding for the RPG.

And this is it. This is why I streamlined the rules. I wanted the RPG aspect of it (leaving the door open for the number crunching, if we need or want to).

I want (or wish) for people to feel they are in New Hades, with the rain on their faces, and the danger all around them, and not worry how much money they need to get that cybernetic shooting finger.

And I hope you guys and girls join me there. :)

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