Sunday, 22 November 2015

Characters: The Alien (Merlin 'Wizard' Ryant)

In any sensible set of definitions, Merlin is an alien. Born and raised on Port Armstrong on the Moon, the young colonist quickly found that the impositions put upon him in those early days of the history of the colony were too restrictive for him. Everyone had to work. Everyone had to pull their weight. This system of affairs was not what he wanted of his life, if indeed he wanted anything. 

It all changed on the morning of the 22nd of February, 2079. 

A micrometeorite hit one of the cities' main blast doors controls, a billion to one chunk of bad luck. The computers started to open the airlocks, wrongly believing the city was evacuated and essential maintenance was under way.

People were running around in a panic, tens of thousands of them were minutes away from a gasping death. And in that moment, Merlin the idiot, Merlin the 'waste of life support', hacked the system. He didn't succeed, of course, the computer was much too powerful, but it did make it take precious seconds trying to ICE (Intrusion Countermeasures Electronic) him, seconds that the actual rescue team used to shut everything down. 

Merlin saved everyone. And no one ever found out.

Becoming something of a tech wiz, he turned his life around, working first on the Moon, then on cargo ships and every now and again on Earth. When on the Homeworld, Merlin needs to wear an exoskeleton to compensate for his fragile low-G muscles.

Another test character. He's just a normal human (with a couple of low-G Hindrances) with a gun (D6), but his Repairing and Hacking skills are huge (D8-D10).

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