Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The mean streets of New Hades

One of the oldest cities we know about lies in the Pakistan-Indian border, in an area called the Indus Valley. It is called Mohenjo Daro, it's about 5000 years old, and its complexity would put most towns up to the late 20th century (and in some parts of the world to this very day) to shame. It had roads and streets (some with asphalt), boxed in between pavements. It had some squares, defined neighbourhoods, and what might have been squares or markets.

My point is this: we've been building our cities in the same way for millennia. It works. We're happy with the layout. So I imagine another 60 years won't make too much of a difference.

In New Hades, the roads will be kept up, at least in the richest parts of town. Same with pavements. A series of elevated or tunnel roads will bypass the centre of town, and allow for de-congestion. Bar the holographic signs, the Gens walking around, and the occasional maitnence droid, New Hades could be any major metropolis, today.

Also there will be one or two hovercars. Because, you know, you HAVE to.

Hovercars will be common, but expensive. The emergency services will have some, some rich people will have some, but most of the traffic will be on land.

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