Saturday, 14 November 2015

Covenant for Universal Unity (The Crimsons)

Religion is a tricky subject in 2088. Some religions struggled during the War, some thrived. In the War's anvil that was Western Europe, most religions reinvented themselves, as the faithful were exposed daily to a Hell worse than any subterranean lake of brimstone.

One organisation that appeared apparently from nowhere was the Covenant for Universal Unity. It could easily have disappeared in a year or two if not for their message: 'Put these Crimson Robes On. Do Good. Help Others. Hear Others. Heal Suffering. Who You Were is Not Important'

Within a decade, the Crimsons (named after the original colour of their robes, although with time, they go rusty brown) were in every battlefield, in every city, helping, healing, hearing. By War's end, they could have been the most important political entity outside the Corps.

But they continued simply to do their work. Apparently secular, some people question their unflinching kindness (Too good to be true???) but one cannot disagree with their actions or philosophy. 

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