Sunday, 8 November 2015

Characters: The Tinkerer (Malen Kiy)

Malen Kyi (Russian for 'small) was a custom-ordered character by one of my players, but coincidently, I had made a PC with virtually the same stats for a Steampunk setting I'm working on. So it was very much a copy-paste job (Savage Worlds rules ROCK!)

Malen is Russian, a genetically engineered combat engineer (!) His gene splice went a bit fuzzy, however, and what he gained in creative thinking and structural extrapolation, he lost in height. The Red Army had issues with this, and always treated him as a failure. Embittered by this treatment, he promptly escaped, and realised that in the real world, people don't really care about your height, as long as their droids work, you can hack the Matrix, or can build anything from anything. Also his computer, on his left forearm, is pretty cool....

Malen has a Weird Science Edge called Gadgeteer, which I love, love, loooove. If he has parts, and 1D20 minutes, he can build a one-use-only gadget that will work exactly as needed for that situation. Other than that, he's a pretty decent Hacker, and decent with an axe.

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