Friday, 13 November 2015

Gen; Noun, coloquial, plural Gens

Gen; noun, colloquial, plural Gens

  • Any of an almost infinite number of living organisms modified and/or created from an 'empty' genetic template, usually using the DIVERS technology, developed by MegaGen in 2059. As of time of writing (2088), it is possibly to choose an (as mentioned above) a  blank template (usually but not exclusively the genetic code of the sea slug Nembrotha aurea) and then to add any and all desired characteristics. Although developing high-intelligence/sentient constructs is not only illegal but highly frowned upon, it would be theoretically, possible. Size is also a factor, with constructs being limited to anywhere between an ant and a small elephant. 
  • The term is also used to describe heavily changed humans, usually derogatorily. 

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