Monday, 9 November 2015

Characters: The Hacker (Jennifer 'Random' Howards)

Jennifer was born with the proverbial superconductor-laced Palladium/Platinum alloy spoon (MUCH more expensive than silver) in her mouth. Her youth was spend between Downtown and Corpville, a world away from the rest of New Hades (mentally, if not physically).

As the years passed, her ability to manipulate the Matrix became apparent, and her affluent parents did all they could to turn her into a computer tech executive.

That was not to be.

Both her parents were high ranking executives for Peterson Heavy Industries, and the day came when Jen found a high-access back door into the PHI database. And went in.

Imagine if you will finding 60 years worth of corruption, filth, blood and tears in one fleeting moment.

And now imagine seeing your parents permission authorization on a number of these.

She reeled from it. But not for long.

By day's end she has written her parents a long letter, hacked their accounts and, stealing as much money as she could, she disappeared into the streets of The Sprawl.

Changing her details with those of a corpse floating in The Deimos, she is now presumed dead. And her reputation as a first class Hacker is just beginning.

The Corps WILL be made to pay for their actions.

I made Jen a massive tech geek. She can't not investigate a new system. Also she can go head to head with most security systems with ease. And she is pretty decent with a gun.

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