Sunday, 8 November 2015

Characters: The Fake Man (M1ke)

Hephastus, the Greek god of the forge, could pour metal of such purity that his constructs became animated with fake life and would do his bidding. I'm sure there might have been older traditions of artificial men, but this one is my favourite.

M1ke is an android, a synthetic ceramic/metallic endoskeleton, around a vat-grown nervous system, in turn covered in organic muscles and skin (Think Arnold's T-800, but with an organic nervous system).

Androids were developed half way into the war. They were a reasonably natural development of technology, on the one side, they were making human soldiers more synthetic, on the other, they were experimenting giving robots nervous systems (speeding up processing exponentially). Somewhat in the middle, this was the result. Humanoid servants, ready to kill and die at our command.


Sort of.

The scientist that created the androids weren't stupid. The filled the synthetic brains with rules and laws, to prevent things from going too far. However, they also gave these new men the greatest of gifts: consciousness. In another age, what we would call a soul.

After the war, the androids lost their usefulness. Most were still in the hands of the military or research institutes, and found themselves wanting for purpose. Some were disassembled (killed?). Others were reprogrammed (lobotomised?). And many thousands escaped. Some live in hiding. Some live normal human lives, 
shielding their bright purple eyes (an identification control measure) from the masses and their neighbours are none the wiser. And some are rebels, fighting for the freedom of their kind.

A revolution is coming. Most people simply haven't caught up yet.

I made M1ke a soldier, with high combat specs. As a synthetic, he is more difficult to Shaken, although his organic parts make him as vulnerable to injury as any human. He hates Corps (Who doesn't??) and has an attitude. One day, if he meets one of his kind in need, it will be interesting to see where his allegiances lie....

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