Wednesday, 11 November 2015

NPC: Ivan Ivanovich Kuznetsov, a.k.a. Crazy Ivan

Ivan Ivanovich was born is Little Moscow, a Russian/Slavic enclave to the west of Old Hades. A gifted child, his abilities with weapons and hardware were apparent from an early age, and by his early teens he was running with the Bratya'Volk (The Wolf Brothers), a small but influential gang. A deal gone bad and a stint in prison later, he decided to go 'clean' and make neutrality and quality his keywords. From his shop, he sells weapons, computers, programs, ammunition and - occasionally - information to all who can pay. If you can't, well, deals can always be reached. If you start trouble, that's what Igor is there for. You know Igor? Yeah, the polar bear in the cage. Yep, the one with the cyber implant in its skull. No, I also have no idea what it does. 

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