Saturday, 7 November 2015

Isn't it NICE? (Cybernetics)

I came up with the concept of NICE (Neural Interface Controller Enhanced) about 10 years ago, for my bloody sci fi novel that will never go anywhere. I'm really happy that bits and bobs of it will forever live in New Hades. 

I wanted a revolution in cybernetics, that allowed the possibilities of Shadowrun-type implants (This will be a recurring inspiration in New Hades).

The point of cyber implants is mainly sensorial and kinetic (noise made by characters, the suave movements of top-of-the-line devices, the jerky movements of Rattown cyberdocs' contraptions), as well as a narrative one, allowing me as the GM to colour a character.

There are two main Savage Worlds sources for cyberpunk: Daring Tales of The Sprawl (simple, to the point, a mere handful of pages of new rules) and Interface Zero (HUGE, rules for everything and everyone, really dense). Both have radically different approaches to cybernetics.

I took a simpler, 3rd route. Cyber is just a gimmick. I'll allow simple implants, for a decent price, and these will give small (+1 or +2) bonuses to checks. A cyber arm might give you a +1 to a Fighting roll, cyber eyes +1 to Notice, etc. Cyber should be part of the universe and not the thing you use all your money to do (although you can, of course, if you wish). And the more you have, the odder you will look, so there will be a) A limit to the number of implants (usually your Vigour die) and b) You'll look odder and odder, lowering your Charisma.

As the New Hades expands, I might change this approach to a more table-written, capitalistic one, but I like the fact that for now, Cyber is the flavour, not the main dish.

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