Thursday, 12 November 2015

NPC: Maxton 'Bulb' Edison

One can usually see Bulb coming a mile away. In the streets of New Hades nothing is really taboo, you can easily see NeoNaturists walking around technically naked, or mercenaries wearing borderline power armour, but even in this milieu, an open vest, spiky orange hair and high tech visors makes people look twice, if briefly. Bulb is what happens to street urchins when they grow up with a mild drug problem, a number of incipient psychosis, a love of technology and absolutely no morals. His brain, to quote an acquaintance 'is like a bag of rabid mice'. You would call Bulb for information, if you have no other choice. You would call Bulb if you need a weapon and you have no other choice. You would not call Bulb in any other situation.

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