Monday, 9 November 2015

Characters: The Soldier (Victor 'Volt' Constantine)

All RPG's are, by design, tactical simulations, hence the need for varied characters, covering the widest possible base - your wizards, your Paladins, your rogues. New Hades is no exception.

Enter the old soldier. 

Some of the characters have military backgrounds (a consequence of the recent War) M1ke and Malen, for example, but I left it vague how much action they saw. 

Not Volt. Oh no.

Victor was a scout in the War (I'm leaving his side unknown for now). His was the job to infiltrate enemy lines and report back. To help, his army gave him cyber-enhanced eyes (+1 to visual tests), and a standard-issue cyber-arm (no bonus).... With a Tesla Coil inside, for, you know, close encounters.

I'm making him someone fairly upbeat, but troubled. His eyes mark him out of a crowd. Ok, I hear you say, but M1ke has the same. Yes, but M1ke ISN'T human, Victor IS. Or was.

People are desperate to forget the War. Victor is a constant reminder of what happened to your friends and connections. Hence, people shy away from him (-2 CHA).

I built Volt from a previous steampunk character (Savage Worlds, yay!), that I designed around a ray gun (as he had the Weird Science Edge, allowing him to do effectively technology-based 'magic' (Energy manipulation, teleport, etc)). So Volt has a fairly powerful weapon in his arm. He's not good at most other things. He can infiltrate, and scare, but that's pretty much it.

I'm really keen on seeing how he performs!

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