Thursday, 12 November 2015

NPC: Weylyn O'Hoolhan a.k.a. Neon Nelly

Weylyn is a recent addition to the streets of New Hades. She claims to come from somewhere 'up North', which can mean anything, from Viken, to the Polar Cities, to one of the Habitats in Earth orbit. A mercenary, she does not get bogged down in stale and boring events, instead thriving on the heat of the action, choosing assignments and contracts based not on money or difficulty, but on how exciting they might be. Known as a woman of passions, she seems to have a new love interest every 2.7 days (people have actually done the maths). If you have the Novus, you could not ask for better backup. If she's hunting you, may your Gods - if any - help you.

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