Friday, 13 November 2015

The Boys (and Girls) in Blue: New Hades Police Department

It is a commonly mentioned fact that the NHPD is under a short leash, held by the Corps. This might or might not be true, but, taking into consideration that a lot of the men and women of the Force are either ex-soldiers or had military training, and are kitted out in Corps-grade gear, one defies them to one's peril. Their take on the universe might be linear, their behaviour has been described as brutal, but they are still bloody good at what they do. In the lighter parts of town, one can walk around fearing little. In the darkest parts of town....

The Rattlesnakes are the NHPD Special Intervention Teams. For the rest of the city, it might be the last thing they see on this plane of existence. No one from the public has ever seen a helmet-less Rattlesnake, so stories abound. In any case, they are dealers of swift punishment, and are only deployed as a last resort.

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