Thursday, 19 November 2015

NPC: The Happy Gang

There are mercs that die on the first job. There are those that find that ditching security guards and cyber hounds is not what they wanted to do with life. And then there are those that survive. And survive. And survive.

They become Legendary. The people you call to kill a president or a Corps exec. Or to infiltrate a facility that does not exist. Or invade a space station on a decaying orbit onto the Moon, stealing some data and covering their tracks by detonating the station's plasma core seconds before impact (remember the High Sky that hit the Moon in '79? The one whose positioning engines failed and it crashed? Remember how they said it was such a tragic 'accident'? Yep.)

The Happy Crew is one of those teams. In order, they are: Ugly (ex soldier, disfigured face, never takes heavy combat armour helm off, melee), Rachel (sharpshooter/sniper and the Face), Nighshade (Decker), Panda (Gunslinger. targeting helmet), and Skully (heavy weapons and drones).

If you have a problem, if no one else can help you and if you can find them..... and if you have an ungodly amount of Novus.... The Happy Crew are who you need.

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