Sunday, 22 November 2015

Singing (and walking and shooting and dying, and....everything) in the rain.

In Blade Runner's Los Angeles, it rains a lot. And I mean, A LOT. In the original novel, Do androids Dream Of Electric Sheep, by Philip K. Dick, the author mentions on a number of occasions that the ecosystem has pretty much collapsed (leading to the death of most animals), and I've always believed that Ridley Scott (the director) chose to represent this pollution-covered, ecosystem-ravaged world, by simply showing rain pretty much throughout the movie, with a couple of exceptions: the main aerocar trip, showing off futuristic L.A., and at the end, showing actually sunshine, and mayhap a beam of hope for the characters?

But I digress.

Rain. I expect New Hades has a lot of it. It might simply be on of those chiches the cinema has introduced us to, but there you go. That said, in this new world, big parts of the globe have been at the very least devastated, if not made outright uninhabitable. So I do have a bit of ecosystem destruction, which I firmly believe would disrupt weather patterns. Add El Nino, global warming, and almost a century of not giving a monkey about the planet, as there were more pressing things on the menu (like that massive War), and the planet has survived, but not by much.

And it rains. A LOT.

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