Sunday, 8 November 2015

Characters: The 'good' cop (Orion Grey)

Where would sci fi be without the private eye? Usually (but not exclusively) anachronistic, he's a good guy in a dirty town, trying to get some measure of justice in the wet, oily, stinking world.

This is not the case with Orion Grey.

Another custom job, Orion is largely based on the iconic Rick Deckard from Blade Runner. My player then suggested a few gems, like his lameness (cyber leg, -1 to Pace) and general hate of anything electrical (-1 to checks re: technology). Mind you, he can shoot a mosquito between the eyes, so....

Orion was never a good cop, he loved the bottle too much for that, but he did have eyes. He saw how the New Hades Police Department was merely a lapdog to the corps. Not totally useless, but if some salaryman called the right people, the crime was quickly droped and buried. Under water. With explosives.

In a moment of misplaced honour, Orion freed a prisoner, a criminal, who had been caught hacking the Police Records to prove said corruption. 

The corps, the police, everyone and their little dog had issues with this. After attacking a couple of slightly mouthier colleagues, Orion walked. 

Now he works on the streets. For whatever will pay for the next bottle.

*slow sax music, image fades to b&w, reflections on the rain-hit puddles on the ground*

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